Category: Instagram - Bilder | 2014-10-23 | 09:58:09

Instagram - bilder

@murrays_world: #tbt lol
@justinbieber: Come to our grand opening ♛
@younisvonyounison: You know your dress is fabulous when @justinbieber approves!! My boss @samoohi90 dress line @festoun killed it on Rodeo Drive Monday!!!! Successful shoot! I can’t wait to post more pictures of her dresses! Everyone follow @festoun @festoun @festoun @festoun @festoun @festoun @festoun @festoun @festoun @festoun @festoun 👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈 #n*ggawemadeit #festoun #italiansilk #dubai #model #work #justinbieber #ihavebieberfever Press record at #createtv “work for it ” video @poobear with @tyga and @justinbieber ⏰soon

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