Category: News! | 2017-05-16 | 15:34:22

@bijuthampy via instagram

"The stage was set to host him, a stadium full of people from all over the country waiting for him to appear, a chopper ready to fly him. The most celebrated young man in the world was wanting to spend more time with the most uncelebrated and the most neglected children of our city along with @visionrescue . He wanted to know their names, how they were doing, shake their hands and hug them. He sat on the floor with them and took time to hear about the skills they were learning so that they could live with dignity. Thank you @justinbieber for showing us who you really are and for your genuine heart for hurting humanity. Thank you for treating God's precious children with the dignity and the value they deserve. We love you. Thank you @carllentz and @richwilkersonjr for being who you are and for being the most genuine, authentic people I know. The world is a better place because of you. Love you guys loads. #greatdaysahead #thebestisyettocome #justinbieberpurposeworldtour"

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