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Justins top 10 playlist !

1. Taylor Swift, “FIFTEEN” :: Great lyrics and melody. Taylor is such a great songwriter and my “Favorite Girl” haha
2. Kings of Leon, “USE SOMEBODY” :: One of my favorite bands right now.
3. Owl City, FIREFLIES” :: The melody of this song is amazing and contagious.
4. Jay-Z, “EMPIRE STATE OF MIND” :: I love my hometown, Stratford, Ontario but this song makes me feel like I’m a New Yorker. Haha
5. Beyonce, “SWEET DREAMS” :: Beyonce is the ultimate performer and the video for this song is awesome.
6. Jay Sean, “DOWN” :: A fun record. Really like Lil Wayne’s verse.
7. Jason Derulo, “WHATCHA SAY” :: I love the Imogen Heap sample
8. Sean Kingston, “EENIE MEENIE” :: Gotta include my boy Sean
9. Jay-Z, “RUN THIS TOWN” :: One of my favorite songs as well as videos out right now.
10. Justin Bieber, “U SMILE” :: I love my fans, they are everything

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